Services & Products

Cellexmatics provide its clients with a variety of products and services, including:
Cellular Communications Module
Cellexmatics patented cellular communications module can be used with virtually any machine sensor. Connect it to a sensor and activate. the module is weatherproof and operates in any climate including extreme heat or cold. Please contact Cellexmatics for details.

The Company recognizes that many clients wish to exercise full control over the development or customization process. Hence, they prefer to license Cellexmatics'' technology and allow their own development team to complete the project. Cellexmatics welcomes licensing arrangements and is prepared to work with you.
Application Development
The Company recognizes that each market and application has its own unique characteristics. If you do not have the benefit of a development team, Cellexmatics is ready to work with you in order to develop an end-to-end system that meets your specific application requirements. 
Hardware Development
There are instances in which the hardware required to meet an application's requirements do not exist. Cellexmatics has the creativity and know-how to design and implement a solution, exclusively for you.
Data Retrieval and Reporting
Should a client wish to use Cellexmatics data center, we are capable of collecting and processing your data. You may rely on us to securely and cost-effectively provide you with the information you need, when you need it.