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Metering Applications

Cellexmatics system works with all kinds of meters, including water meters, electric meters and gas meters. This is accomplished by customizing the Cellexmatics interface for a specific meter. To demonstrate, Cellexmatics has developed an end-to-end system for measurement and collection of data from Propane gas tanks. For the first time in the Propane industry, Cellexmatics has enabled any Propane distributor to remotely monitor customer’s tank levels without the necessity to hook up to a phone line -- regardless of tank location, model or size.
Propane tank monitoring system is an excellent example of a complete package that can be developed using Cellexmatics patented technology. Our solution establishes an on-demand or pre-programmed Cellular communication between any propane or fuel oil tank and the dealer or supplier. The hardware is designed to fit any tank and uses any available wireless network to communicate with a gateway. The concept is to enable the dealer or the supplier to get realtime data from the tank at any time, from any location. The Cellular monitoring method eliminates the need to use wired phone lines. Any tank in any location can use the Cellexmatics system. It requires No connection to the clients phone line or facility. The unit uses its own battery power, typically lasting about 3 year without recharge.
Benefits Summary:
Determine how much propane will be needed to make deliveries.
Determine size of delivery vehicle prior to start of delivery route.
Increase drop size and eliminate unnecessary stops.
Reduce number of delivery trucks on the road.
Build delivery routes.
Significantly reduce overtime.
Enhance Inventory Control.
Convert will-call customers into regular customers.
Expand into larger areas at a lower cost.
Avoid sending trucks out in bad weather.
Offer a ”No Run Out Guarantee” to your customers.
Gain a significant competitive edge.
Expand your service area.

Cellexmatics metering solutions are comprehensive, reliable and versatile. We enable clients to:

  • Use existing meters and registers
  • Maintain the freedom to purchase any brand or model of meter; without being constrained by a proprietary AMR system.
  • Realize new streams of revenue by arranging to read other utilities'' meters using existing AMR infrastructure.

These companies provide meters that may easily be adapted for operation with Cellexmatics:

Water Meters (encoders, pulsers and direct-read)

* Actaris
* Badger
* Butler
* Elster AMCO
* Hendey
* Hersey
* Invensys
* Kent
* Master Meter
* Metron-Farnier
* Neptune
* Precision
* Rockwell
* Sappel
* Schlumberger
* Sensus
* Socam
* Tryto

Electric Meters (electromechanical and solid-state)

* Elster
* GE
* Invensys
* Itron
* Landis & Gyr
* Sangamo
* Westinghouse
* Sensus

Gas Meters (diaphragm or rotary)

* American
* Canadian
* Eagle Research
* Equimeter
* Invensys
* Rockwell
* Schlumberger
* Sprague