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GPS Applications

Cellexmatics GPS technology enables real-time tracking of any vehicle with pinpoint accuracy. The device houses a SIM card that may be acquired from any national cellular service provider. When activated, the device automatically and securely transmits the vehicle’s location to a base station. The driver may also use the device to establish voice communication.
Automatic Vehicle Locator
Some estimates suggest that as much as 45% of all machine-to-machine (M2M) connections in North America are in the Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) segment. With more than 1 million Long Haul trucks on our roads, and 40% of this market already using AVL applications, increasing penetration into the owner/operator and independent fleets is now taking place. There are also over 18 million short haul delivery vehicles – and this market is less than 5% penetrated today.
Police, Alarm and Industrial Monitoring
In addition to AVL, the SBC device also supports integration of the various types of sensors. For example, SBC now offers a system, which transmits an alarm whenever a police officer unbuttons a holster. When integrated with GPS, the system can immediately report the officer's location and alert the base station. 
Beyond basic alarm monitoring, new capabilities are being added to enhance and improve security solutions. The use of video and still picture transmission allows alarm and security companies to view a location, in real-time, prior to taking action. This allows false alarms to be disregarded without incurring the cost of going to the location as well as avoiding false law enforcement dispatch.