There are a large variety of machine sensors on the market. The challenge is to retrieve the recorded data from the sensor easily, reliably, securely and on a timely basis. Cellexmatics patented technology lets you achieve these objectives efficiently and cost effectively.
Cellexmatics enable operators to easily, reliably and securely establish a cellular connection with any machine sensor on a timed or on-demand basis. For example, Cellexmatics now offers a system, which transmits an alarm to the base station whenever a police officer unbuttons a holster, including officer's location. This is but one manifestation of the company's interactive GPS Applications suite. 
Cellexmatics also provides a complete back-office system, making it easy and cost effective to implement and scale. Cellexmatics technology is versatile, reliable and intelligent. It may be deployed in any market segment. It can be especially effective for emerging applications within the Insurance Industry. Such applications include:
Periodic collection of the vehicle mileage data to assess automobile insurance premiums.
Tracking the whereabouts of insured containers, such as those in transit or in a warehouse.
The Company has also developed a complete end-to-end package for the Metering Industry. This system is capable of measuring consumption of gas, water and electricity. It is a perfect solution for deployment by companies in the utilities industry who are looking to free themselves from the inefficiencies and expense of drive-by metering practices.